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The Elf for Goodness Sake


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The Elf for Goodness Sake

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The Elf for Goodness Sake – Create an Elf experience YOU and your kids will love

The Elf for Goodness Sake is all about encouraging good behavior – you’re seeing the kids doing nice things and encouraging that by writing those things down on the Elf notepad and dropping those slips of paper in the box. And the kids are doing the same for the adults – watching for great behavior. Everyone is watching that box fill up with pages of good actions and deeds. The Elf for Goodness Sake offers a daily joke and ideas for serving and helping others out. It’s about adding laughter and kindness to every single day during a month that’s typically pretty busy.

The experts say it takes 18 days to form a habit. Creating a behavior pattern of kindness and of looking for ways to serve and uplift and of “being good” is a pretty amazing habit. So The Elf for Goodness Sake really lasts all year long.

You get: keepsake box, 1 track-your-goodness notepad, 8 notecards, 12 Elf tokens, ornament, 24 countdown and good deed cards, 32 jokes, wood Elf.

Thanks for supporting Master Artisans at Wild West Laser! Proudly made in the USA!

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The Elf for Goodness Sake